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Ovarian Cyst And Pregnancy

Ovary is a place where eggs are being developed, literary, if there is something not right with ovary, it will affects oval, and this can lead to infertility. In other words, there is a strong correlation between ovarian cyst and pregnancy. Let check it out how cyst on ovary has influence on pregnancy.

Size does matter. 
Ovarian cyst is a follicle that forms during our body normal menstrual cycle. The size of the cyst may cause infertility mechanisms and interfere with ovulation-related. If the cyst is small and does not affect ovulation, most likely it will not affect the pregnancy. However, if the cyst is huge and occupies the entire ovary, and secretion of some hormones affects ovulation, there will be some impacts on pregnancy.

Hormones make thing change. 
Some of the functional ovarian cysts, such as thyroid tumor of ovary, ovarian granulosa-theca cell tumors and testicular, may disrupting normal secretion of the hormone of the ovary and ovulation, due to the hormones produced by tumor tissues. As a result, ovarian cyst sufferer will face amenorrhea, uterine hemorrhage, symptoms of hairy and infertility. Some giant cysts on ovary, especially those malignant, can destroy majority of ovarian tissue, and lead to ovarian dysfunction, mal-ovulation, and adhesions of the surrounding tissue that blocked fallopian tubes, which cause infertility.

Ovarian cyst twist, rupture bring great impact to pregnancy. 
When the acute and chronic ovarian cyst twists, rupture, affecting ovarian blood supply and cause necrosis, was followed by ovarian dysfunction and mal-ovulation, if there is bilateral, it will have greater impact. If ovarian cysts grow too fast or too large, it can affect the ovarian blood supply and ovulation, and thus affecting the pregnancy, also leads to the occurrence of female infertility.

Ovarian cyst pregnancy is subject to certain risk. 
First three months of pregnancy are the most dangerous period where the probability of miscarriage is highest. The situation gets worst if cyst is found in ovary during this period of time.  After 28 weeks of gestation, the surgical removal of ovarian cyst is also easily cause premature birth.  Not only that, ovarian cysts can hinder the smooth progress of the childbirth during the end of pregnancy.

Having ovarian cyst during pregnancy is very common and most of the time, are benign and don’t cause any complications to the mother or the baby. However, it is subject to the type of cyst and the circumstances. The stress and hormonal changes during pregnancy may turn benign cysts into large cysts that cause unhealthy and complicated pregnancy and childbirth.